Why is a Good Entrepreneur? Personal Story of the Great Entrepreneur


Searching back, I am now finding myself analyzing her characteristics she might have been born with, together with individuals characteristics she’s acquired on the way to create you things i believer equals the characteristics of the effective entrepreneur.

Hence, the private story of the “natural-born entrepreneur” is my daughter, Angela Moore, and just how her existence started. Since she now makes over $25,000 weekly, I believe we all can have a page out of this book.

Her toddler days like a three-year-old started with ballet classes. Used to do this mostly to socialize her, as she’s an only child and did not play much along with other children at that time. Her self-confident personality shone through, as her teacher immediately observed that they did better if she was put in a category with older kids who could dance better.

I later found that the actual characteristics of the effective entrepreneur start with stretching yourself past your safe place and surrounding yourself with individuals who learn more than you need to do. Fortunately, this appeared to become her nature at the start of existence and beyond.

And here’s the part which i think is really funny, yet inspiring…

At age three she found herself conducting a solo dance on stage. That night in the recital, other parents contacted me and stated, “Oh you are mom from the star!” Obviously I had been proud. Yet her dancing abilities were nothing special. But her belief in herself appeared to radiate out and portray charisma, even while very young.

Afterwards, whenever a workman found the home and observed our walls lined with images of “the Angela Moore” that her Mother had published so proudly, he looked lower and stated to her patronizingly, “I’m sure you need to be considered a ballerina whenever you develop, not?”

This little 3-years old “born entrepreneur” looked back sternly and responded, “I’m a ballerina.”

Although at that time I chuckled about this, I am realizing since, really, she was right! Exactly what is a ballerina, and for instance, why is a good entrepreneur, but somebody who has confidence in herself and it has the heart to behave new and past her safe place?

Whether it’s walking stage on your own the very first time, cutting a relevant video the very first time, or just escaping . your charge card and purchasing right into a new chance, true characteristics of the effective entrepreneur reflect that effective attitude – the attitude of understanding that you are gonna succeed – that’s why is a good entrepreneur.