Want To Hire Virtual Receptionists For Your Business? Find More Details Here!


The phone must be answered every time it rings – That’s true for every business, regardless of operations, niche and industry. Sadly, most small and medium scale businesses don’t have the required resources to run a full-time customer care center. As a result, they lose out on leads, calls, opportunities. When you cannot have a team, you can always hire one, thanks to virtual receptionists.

As the name suggests, virtual receptionists work for your business, often around a given pitch, to take calls and get leads. Depending on the needs of the caller, they may pass the call, offer required solution or simply take down notes for further use. There are plenty of known services, such as OfficeHQ, which offer dedicated assistance to clients, but before you select one, here’s what you need to know.

What can you expect?

Companies that offer outsourced customer care usually have fixed packages, which can be customized for every client. You can choose to forward your number to the company, so that they can take calls, or else, they can suggest and offer a dedicated number for your business. The best ones have 24×7 services, so that clients can relax while their calls are being answered. The receptions may transfer calls if your team is available, or they may take notes, as mentioned above. Usually, each package mentions the number of calls that will be answered for the client, but you can choose to upgrade or downgrade the package as per the requirements of your company. The pricing is fixed, but if you expect unlimited calls, you can always discuss the options with the concerned service.

What are the pros and cons?

Virtual receptions ensure that your company is available at all times. This is particularly useful for maintaining client relationships and brand image. Additionally, the pricing is fixed, which means you never have to worry about any hidden costs. The process is simplified, and the best companies hire professional and trained receptionists, who further work on scripts given by clients to ensure that the replies and responses are adequate.

On the flip side, you need to hire the right company to get things done. Also, it is important to try and test a service before giving the nod. Experience and expertise in this segment counts, which is why doing some initial homework always comes handy in comparing the choices. Check online now to know more.