Make Workplaces and Homes Safer for Occupants


Asbestos is a proven deadly material that can result in death if it is not removed from some structures. The harm that it causes is not obvious right away as a disease such as asbestosis takes some time to develop.

A Rewarding and Valuable Service

That is why working in any of the asbestos survey jobs that are featured online can be valuable to the worker as well as to the clients that he or she serves. The dangers of asbestos were not truly discovered until the 80s. At that time, people found that the natural fibre could become embedded in the lungs. Not only can the material cause a cancer known as asbestosis but it can trigger the development of mesothelioma or lung cancer. Therefore, the prognoses for any of these conditions are usually grim. When people are diagnosed, they usually do not have much time to live.

Asbestos Is Everywhere

Even if asbestos is no longer used, it is still found in a large number of structures. A ban on the material about 30 years ago still has not eradicated the problem. Building materials were still used after manufacturers stopped adding the material to their products. Therefore, inspection and abatement are still regular activities.

Improving the Safety of Buildings in the UK

Because many buildings in the UK are older, the work of surveying continues and will continue for a long time. That is why you need to determine if you have the skillset for the work if you are interested in working in the asbestos survey and abatement field.

Review the Listings First

To outline your CV for an asbestos survey job, you first need to review the listings. See what you would like to do as a career. Match your current skills with the skills that are listed for each assignment. Whilst you may qualify now for some jobs, you may have to obtain further training or experience for some of the jobs that you really want.

What Do You Want to Do Five Years From Now?

That is why you need to develop a five-year career plan. Ask yourself what you want to do five years from now. Do you already have the needed skills and knowledge? If so, you can start submitting your CV now. Because most submissions are done online, you should also include keywords in your CV so employers can find you and contact you.

Tailor Your CV

If you are new to the asbestos field, you will need to carefully survey the requirements for the jobs that are listed online. Make sure that you tailor your CV so you can obtain the needed experience and progress in an asbestos survey career. By careful planning and follow-up, you can find the job of your dreams. You just need to learn more about your preferences and find out more about where you need to improve.

Today, working in the asbestos field is a public health service to people in offices and residences. The more you know about asbestos and its removal, the more valuable you will prove to be to any employer that hires you for this all-important work.