LH-Crypto – a crypto scam or a trustworthy broker?


New technologies have already embraced the whole world, so the crypto currency is no longer surprising anyone. Virtual currency strengthens its position, and people are increasingly seeking to earn with it. However, in the post-soviet space they are skeptical of this type of investment, which is due to several reasons.

The main reason for this is the lack of knowledge about the crypt, it remains something new and unexplored. The second common reason is a complex prediction of course behavior for many popular crypto currencies. The third reason is a huge number of fraudsters in the field of crypts. But in order to dispel such difficulties and myths, one should be familiar with the features of virtual currency. The complexity of the course behavior is mainly considered an infusion of false information, to create panic among investors. To avoid fraud, you should only contact reliable brokers and online platforms, buy only liquid and common crypt.

In fact, things with a crypt are much more rosy than you think. In order to contain the inflation factor, the emission of most virtual currencies is strictly limited; coins are issued in limited amounts. The course kryptomonet significantly stimulates high demand and considerable popularity. And most importantly, blockchains are not subject to regulation by the state, financial companies and banks. For those countries where the crypt is strictly prohibited, brokers provide an opportunity to open an anonymous account.

Broker LH-Crypto

LH-Crypto is a broker that acts as an innovative project of the international brokerage company Larson&Holz. After 14 years of successful work, the company decided to hold an ICO to expand its capabilities and increase the number of customers who are interested in crypto-trading. Initial coin offering was supported by a huge number of company clients who invested more than a million dollars in a project. Therefore, in less than two months the project was launched.

Broker’s trading tools are wide, based on Forex investment tools and CFD contracts. Traders can buy and sell stocks, raw materials, metals, energy, standard and crypto currency. Trading operations are carried out in the most liquid crypt. The broker issues its own crypt, LHCoin.

It is possible to create extraordinary pairs of crypts and raw materials or metals. LH-Crypto is optimized for the operation of crypto traders, but does not exclude the possibility of concluding contracts in a standard currency. Currency pairs are represented in huge variations and different world currencies. And to withdraw such money is much easier than with other brokers, since you will not be required to take a long and tedious filling in various documentation.

A crypto broker has the opportunity to work in Arab countries, where there is a strict legal restriction on crypto currency transactions. Due to the anonymity of accounts, no one will be able to track its owner. The function of an anonymous account applies only to crypto accounts. The company also improves trading conditions for China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and the CIS countries.

Online platform guarantees the most favorable conditions for stock trading. The crypto lot commission is 0.2%, and the Forex lot is 0.015%. Leverage reaches 1: 500, which even standard Forex brokers cannot boast. Four options for opening an account: from a demo, to which you don’t even need to transfer funds, to “pro” for real professionals. The minimum deposit of 10 euros. Withdraw funds of not more than three minutes to the most reliable payment systems (Qiwi, PerfectMoney, etc).

14 years of experience Larson&Holz provided the opportunity to open the first crypto-broker LH-Crypto, which successfully performs margin trading. The project developers have integrated all the best technologies and programs into it, and the range of services and exclusive offers for clients is constantly growing.